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The Honorary Fellow of WPG Club

الزميل الفخري لنادي  WPG

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Isa Ebrahim, Bahrain


born in 1979 in Bahrain, is a photographer. He has won several international titles, the most important of which is the title of:

Master Fiap (MFIAP) from the International Federation for the Art of Photography,

and he is the first Arab to obtain this title.

He also holds the Golden Excellence Title (EFIAP / g)

and the Excellence Title (EPSA) from the American Photographic Association,

 and the titles GPU CR4, GPU Aphrodite and GPU VIP2 from the International Photographic Association.


Isa is one of the most awarded Arab photographers in international photography competitions, as he won 635 international prizes, including 18 in the Middle East and 13 local prizes.


These awards and titles enabled him to run several competitions, the most important of which was the "Bahrain Salon" competition, which was one of the competitions of the "Great Middle East Photography Competition" for the year 2015. Issa


also judged several local and international photography competitions.

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