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The Honorary Fellow of WPG Club

الزميل الفخري لنادي  WPG

Lai Hon Foo.jpg

My name is Lai Hon Foo born in Sarawak, Malaysia on the year 1978.
I'm starting to take photos in the year 1998, seriously learning end of the year 2010. Actively participates
all the local photography contests in the year 2011.
Then, move my first step with participating 2 International Salon organized by local photography
society's in the year 2012. And, successfully gained 6 Acceptances. Following by participating in
International Salon/Exhibition organized by foreign photography society's/Club in the year 2013.
Successful gained my first photographic distinction namely Associate of Sarawak Photo-Art
Society (ASPAS) in the year 2014. I believe that the Photographic Distinction could provide a special
platform for me to realizes my creativity, express imagination, inspires hidden potential, challenge
myself, elevates myself, surmount myself, strive for photographic art excellence to more highest level.

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